Tax and corporate advisory

Consulenza e assistenza fiscale e societaria continuativa.

Our firm assists business and no-profit organizations in ensuring compliance with any statutory and tax requirement that may arise along their life, from incorporation to dissolution. We provide our professional support in accomplishing all sorts of tax and corporate formalities (including preparing tax returns, drafting shareholders and board of directors resolutions and performing filings with the relevant Companies Registrar and other authorities).
Delivery of tax-opinions is a fundamental area of practice of our firm. Over the years, we've been handling a significant number of cases in the fields of direct taxes, VAT, international taxation, indirect taxes and accounting principles.
We also provide domiciliation services and corporate-books custody services to our clients.

Mergers and acquisitions

Our firm provides assistance in any kind of business combinations and acquisitions of going-concerns and company's shares. Working as a team with lawyers, notaries and labor consultants enables us to cover every phase of the process: from the initial negotiations to drafting letters of intent, from carrying out tax, legal and labor due diligences to accomplishing closing and post-closing formalities.

Tax litigation and assistance at the Tax Agencies

Our professionals assist our Clients before the national tax authorities when investigations are carried out on their operations, or negotiations are commenced to reach amicable settlements, or litigation is started.
The long-lasting experience of our professionals enables the firm to provide sound assistance in tax audits and negotiations with the Tax Agencies.
When reaching an amicable agreement with the tax office is no longer an option, our firm handles every type of litigation and judicial conciliation with the tax Courts, as well with the Supreme Court.
The office also deals with every type of tax refunds, in particular VAT refunds in favor of nonresidents, as well as the relations with the collection agents.

Accounting audit and intercompany reporting

All the professionals at Studio Colella Associato are qualified Chartered public accountants and have been appointed as statutory auditors by prominent companies.
We also perform the audit of reporting packages prepared by Italian branches of multinational groups for consolidation purposes, in connection with Group's auditors.
Our professionals gained a wide experience in the audit for the fulfillment of licensing agreements on behalf of licensing subjects.
Our team also prepares regular intercompany reports for the clients that belong to national and international groups.

Budgeting and business planning

Our professionals support our clients in the preparation of budgets, cash flows and business plans, with particular reference to the startup phase.
Our firm also provides advice in preparing accounting tools for management control and regular reporting.

Contractual advice and business/assets valuation and estimation

Our professionals are in a position to prepare every type of commercial agreements either directly or in cooperation with partner law-firms, which is regularly the case when highly specialized knowledge is necessary. We provide assistance also on drafting non-binding agreements (letters of intent and memoranda of understandings) and in handling the entire negotiation process.
Our firm also provides valuation surveys of individual goods, shares and going-concerns when it is necessary under applicable law and when purchase prices have to be established according to state-of-the-art methodologies.

Expert opinions in arbitration procedures

The role of experts gains in importance for the purposes of a positive resolution of commercial disputes. Our professionals are at the forefront in delivering expert opinions within the context of litigation cases, that make reference to financial, accounting, domestic and international taxation issues. Litigation cases on license agreements are an area where our skills and expertise is particularly strong.


Providing accounting advice in order to ensure compliance with domestic and international accounting standards is a core-area of practice of our firm.
Our firm provides its clients with annual and interim accounts, as well as specific financial statements requested under applicable law on the occasion of mergers and other business combinations.